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Dessert of the Month

Chocolateria San Churro

Step into the world of San Churro, where decadence is a daily affair - where creamy coffees welcome cold mornings and where chocolate-dipped churros usher in dusk. Known by the Spanish as the ‘Father of Chocolate', San Churro was a monk who dedicated his life to making treats out of the ‘brown gold' his countrymen had recently brought back from the Americas. Today, his legacy lives on in a handful of gorgeous little chocolateries scattered along the Australian seaboard, where you'll find the kind of sweet things you could imagine Spanish royalty were indulging in more than three centuries ago.

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BrunettiIt’s a Melbourne institution. Everyone knows about it, or has heard of it and judging by the crowd, it’s also THE place to be. Order your coffee over the white marble counter – be it espresso, mocha or latte, Brunetti ALWAYS get it right. Lattes are flat just as they should be, cappuccinos frothy, and mochas the smoothest blend of coffee and chocolate. And they make the perfect accompaniment to the many desserts on offer…
The Blue Room (Lemon Friand)
frame_blue_room.jpgThe Blue Room serves up great pizza and has a four-chocolate dessert sampler on the menu (bring a friend, because the minimum serving is for two) They also have this unassuming but fantastic little dessert called the Lemon Friand, which you can have all on your own, even after you've had the pizza - so why would you go anyplace else?!
Bismi (Roti Tissue)
 Looking for a taste of the exotic? Bismi is the place to be - where the curries are hot, the roti (breads) fresh and the lamb briyani divine. And to cap it all off, the roti tissue dessert is perfect. Like a savoury crepe, the roti part is delicately crisp, and the sticky sweet condensed milk running down from the top of the cone is just the right accompaniment. 

Did you know?

The word "dessert" originates from the French word desservir, which means "to clear the table". - Melbourne Desserts